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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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chip that reavie's got now. peter: this looks scary quick. jim: we can verify that. sock adam. -- so can adam. nice pace on it. he'll have that putt to stay one better than matt kuchar, who shot 67 and sung kang. those two are 10 under, in a tie for eighth. tonight on cbs begins with sixth minutes and the full story of all that went on recently with el chapo. "madam secretary," "the good wife," and c.s.i.: cyber." on america's number one network. here's the situation. bubba in close.
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kokrak is just outside of him. one behind. if he can hole it, kokrak, he'll force watson to have to make his to avoid a playoff. nick: his is much easier a putt. doesn't really have to give the hole away. jim: peter kostis, you've been walking with this group for four hours. how do you feel about the chances of jason knocking this one in? peter: he's taken on a lot of tough hole locations. when he's had to muscle up and do it, he's done it.
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away from taking the title. big step in kokrak's career, though. battling with some of the big boys. and hanging in there with a final-round 68. nick: that was perfect, wasn't it? right on the left edge and it just stayed there. jim: so ted scott, bubba's caddie has no doubt given him one last little thought about just nudging it up there. the speed here is not as slick as you find in other places then green. nick: just brush it in.
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going to put a coin on and it let reavie finish. but it's going to be bubba's week again here for the second time in l.a. second time in three years. augusta. win and then don't win. that was adam scott's year and come back and win it again. two out of three. reavie is taking his time with
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speedy little putt. successfully negotiated and 71 final round. so forget all that stuff about the last four years, the 54-hole leader not holding up. that's going to the wayside. bubba led coming in. and bubba's got another victory. and again, that's nine titles since the summer of 2010.
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there's a lot going on in his rounds. jim: peter kostis, down to you. peter: i'm down with our champion, bubba. there had been a little bit of a curse against the 54-hole leader the last few years. today. your second win here, how much does this win mean to you? bubba: it means a lot. you never know when you're last one is going to be. for me to pull it out in a tough way, it's very special and means a lot to me and my family. peter: i was really impressed with the way you held it together today. there were a couple of times where you could have lost it but the new bubba, you kept your focus and your imagination working and you pulled through. bubba: for sure. we've been working on it hard. slow process. instead of swing thoughts and swing it's all about mind and staying patient and teddy in my ear.
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direction. peter: congratulations. let you sign your card and make it official. well done. bubba: thank you. jim: the way he's won those years at augusta he certainly looks like someone who can win it several more times. nick: anyone who drives as well as he does. he cutts it down to size. jim: bubba moves into 11th position in the fedexcup victories with a victory. we've had southpaws have success here. mike weir won a couple of times here. phil mickelson twice and now bubba twice and we're back again, the cbs golf family. can't wait to bring thank you tradition at augusta. the masters. coming up april 7 through the 10th. little dakota gets a hug.
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too, isn't he? caleb has been in this position before to celebrate with dad. jim nantz and all the crew saying so long from riviera and congratulations to bubba watson. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the
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you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. eric fisher on wbz news . and we begin tonight with breaking knew. am bridge mall has been evacuated. a fire broke out in one of the stores. katy is on the scene live right
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>> reporter: firefighters have allowed shoppers back in the galleria mall. the last fire truck left just a few minutes ago. i want to show you cell phone video from when this happened inside the mall. the firefighters responding. this fire was near the express store on the top level. firefighters were able to contain it to that area. the mall was as you can imagine evacuated. they had to september late all the smoke from the building. shoppers said they were unsure if this was a real emergency at first. >> the express store, the firefighters were near the roof trying to break down the walls. security officers were there ordering everyone out. >> people thought like someone pull touchdown fire alarm and i talked to one of the employees and they said usually they are not evacuated because when people pull the fire alarm, you know, the fire trucks come and
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>> reporter: now no one was injured and we are still waiting to find out the cause of the fire. reporting live in cambridge. >> thank you. that. is also breaking tonight, a man shot in dorchester. he is fighting for his life. it happened just after 4:30 this afternoon at columbia road. no word on whether a suspect is in custody. in michigan it was an early morning rampage. a gunman opening fire. >> six people have been killed. 45 year old jason dalton is now in cuss difficult the uber driver had no criminal record. >> reporter: at one of the three shooting sites in michigan a memorial is growing as the community mourn it is people killed in a deadly rampage. >> think were not targeted for any reason other than they were there to be a target. >> reporter: authorities say
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he seriously wounded a woman around 6:00 saturday night outside an apartment complex. four hours later a father and dealership. then investigators say he dilled four women in a cracker barrel parking lot. a 14 year old girl was seriously injured. he was arrested early sunday when an officer spotted his vehicle leaving a bar. >> investigators are viewing captured him. >> reporter: cbs news confirmed he was working as an uber driver and passed background check. he was recognized as the man who gave ashley a ride a night ago. >> he gave us the creepy eyes because he did not stop talking. he didn't seem off like crazy though. >> reporter: they believed he could have continued the shooting spree if he were not stopped.
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>> police have converged on a house on the report of an overdose. jim is latest with the latest. >> reporter: police and federal alleges spent all day long working in this neighborhood. they were converging here at this multiunit condo building investigating what they say is a meth lab. >> shocking to know it is in your backyard. >> reporter: a neighborhood on edge tonight. police investigating a suspected meth lab. investigators in protective gear are scouring a home. local, state and federal authorities are all at the scene. police were first call today the address after getting a report of an overdose. a map was taken to the hospital. people living nearby are alarmed. >> i think it is terrible. it is by the elderly how housing. there's a lot of kids on that
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>> reporter: the dea and bomb squad is here because if it is a meth lab it is highly combustible. not what neighbors want to here. >> hopefully they will get this out of the neighbor. there's no place for this here. >> reporter: a short time ago police actually left the scene but the investigation, that has only just begun. back to you. there's a shocking find in a dorchester home. a loaded gun inside a baby's bass net. they were looking for illegal drugs on norfolk street. they found heroin and cocaine but stunned when they found the weapon hidden in the baby seat. two people are under arrest. police have not said anything act when children had been
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this was a close call for a driver in an dover. the gates kim down trapping her on the tracks. the train hit her suv. she miraculously was orange county. >> i did not see it because it was coming from the other side. i did not see. i just didn't have time to assess the situation. and the train was coming so fast. >> everyone on the train was also orange county. it was headed to boston and got into north station close to three hours late. coming up next a new twist in the could say by case. >> the emergency action to keep
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>> then you have 70% of the republican electorate that say we are not voting for him. as that narrows down, i think it will make the race clearer
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>> the postis reporting that mitt romney is -- >> the sanders campaign says the event will focus on the subject of making college affordable. lawyers for bill cosby's wife have filed an emergency motion to postpone her deposition. her attorneys want the testimony delay while she appeals a magistrate's judge order. the 71 year old claims she had no involvement with the facts and allegations underlying this case and tear attorneys say her
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unnecessary media circus. to the weather wear we go. barry joining us. this weekend, just absolutely insane. >> beautiful. sensational. take a look at the comparison from this sunday to last sunday. as we lookout side we can see a few clouds here and there. temperatures right now and see what they are going on. the temperature last sunday, 12 degrees for the high. the low was 9 below zero and compare to this sunday, the high 53 and the low 47. it will be cooler than that before midnight. there is colder air leeing and it will be on its way for sure. we look way upstream here and it is frigid in canada. again we got to keep an eye on this because another mass of frigid air is charging in our direction for next weekend but it will not match the magnitude
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never theless there will be a cold blast coming late next weekend. upper 20's north of boston: for the bus stop and getting back to reality, 28. the sunrise at 6:31. it looks like the end of school around 40 degrees. so a nice winter day but not matching the warmth of this weekend. a few upper 30's along the coast with a light breeze coming in. a good-bye to the mild air. as it does, there's an area of rain rippling around southern new england. watch that coming through tonight but it will be slanting off to the southeast by morning. we will have essentially a nice sunny day. overall a very nice monday and tuesday as well. perhaps more clouds come
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tuesday as it clouds over during the day and we will wait for precipitation on wednesday. it is a warm rain. take a look, a light mix on wednesday. some snow, sleet freezing rain. then we may go up to 55 to 60 again. 55 to 60 again, it is possible here on thursday. we could have temperatures then with that heavy rain in the morning and then a shower late in the day. a few sunny breaks that afternoon. we get the real cold snap late next saturday night when temperatures may fall to the
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back to you. >> thank you. the king -- the kung fu panda. >> 2015 was a disaster for him. 2016, will it be better? if first impressions are any indication it was a questionable start. he met with the manager and seemed to contradict himself at times. >> you know, i have nothing to prove. i want to prove to the fans and my teammates that i can be a better player. >> reporter: weight was an issue sunday and as to whether or not he was told to drop a number of pounds this off season. >> we need him to come back in better condition and along with
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potential for weight to be dropped is there but there was not a specific number given that said we want to you come in at this weight. >> i just do my work. i don't weigh in all off season. >> reporter: he hit a disapping 245 last season. he said he lost confidence in himself. how difficult was that for you? >> like i say, there are moments when you lost that confidence to perform well, work hard and get it back, that's what i am doing right now. i feel greet. >> how motivated are you for 2016? >> real motivated, man. >> reporter: we will have more on panda tonight on sports final. and from craig kimbrell.
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part of the red sox. >> the franchise and what they stand for, it is one of the oldest in the big leagues and has that bar set high for anyone that comes to play in boston and i feel like as a player, you should have that expectation on yourself so i think it is a great atmosphere to be a part of. >> reporter: i can tell you kimbrell not wearing a braves cap. it was university of alabama hat to clarify that. much more coming up.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> bill whitaker: the mexican marines have been trying for months to capture el chapo when an intelligence brief led them to the world's most dangerous drug lord's final party. >> for an incredibly savvy clever almost a criminal genius, that el chapo guzman was, he ultimately was done in by very simple tastes. >> whitaker: what do you mean? >> tacos, tequila and chicas. >> listen, a lot has happened. i am in the custody of these people. >> leslie stahl: when warren weinstein was kidnapped in


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